Our goal is to service 10,000 FREE CBD Program Participants (PP) in our 1st twelve months. Folium Biosciences manufactures and delivers CBD products with 0.0 %THC to our Program Participants.

Starter pack of CBD Products with 0.0% THC will be avalable at no charge to our Program Participant. The Products have a retail value of over $100.

Reorders of the products will be also be at no charge.

PP are encouraged to report testimonials and any number of PTSD Episodes and their duration during the months of product usage.
Tracking such information is important to monitoring product usage and recommendations for new products or correct dosages.

Helping Heroes USA also promotes an active lifestyle and camaraderie to help

our active military, veterans and first responders combat the symptoms of PTSD. 

We offer our healing heroes and their familes many opportunities to engage in healthy activities with their peers; using  cycling, running, golf, kids fitness camps and competition BBQ. 


HHUSA Golf Experience:
Participants will play nine holes with teaching golf pros to assist and reinforce techniques learned in the golf clinic.
Clinics are provided at no charge to veterans, active military and first responders. 
Future Heroes:
HHUSA offers funding for family services, medical problems, scholarships to kids’ sport classes and our own reading program that tutors people from ages 4 years old and up. This program also provides books at all reading levels at no cost to participants.
Heroes Podcast:     
Helping Heroes USA has a Podcast Station that airs on Big Media USA Internet Broadcast Network. Content will be developed in the areas of services that are delivered through HHUSA. Podcasts will also be used to promote events, highlight sponsors and broadcast HHUSA members’ testimonies. Podcasts will be repurposed into blogs, newsletters and social media content.
Examples of Shows and Episodes:
Benefits: VA loans Health    PTSD Events: Westlake Century    Resources: Jobs  
Hero Rides:
Hero Rides are one day rides with 20, 40 and 60 mile route options.  Rest stops are provided along each route. Rides vary in number of participants from 300 to 1,500 riders. These rides provide an opportunity for local cyclists to ride alongside our healing heroes.
HHUSA Champions Travel Rides:
 HHUSA Champions Travel Rides span two to seven days and travel from town to town ranging from 60 to 100 miles each day. Each leg has rest stops along the route. Champion Travel Rides can have up to 500 riders consisting of 75% veterans and 25% non-military riders.
HHUSA Champions Circuit Rides:
HHUSA Champions Circuit Rides are multi-day rides hosted in one city. Each day the route changes and varies from 60 to 100 miles. Each day has rest stops provided along the route. The Champions Circuit Ride allows the riders to enjoy and explore an area in depth. The Champion Circuit Rides have as many as 1,000 riders consisting of 75% vets and first responders and 25% civilian riders.
KCBS BBQ Event with HHUSA Hero or Champion Rides:
At the start/finish of any Hero or Champion Rides, KCBS Competition BBQ will be held in conjuction with the cycling event. This is a great way for individuals to support our healing heroes without having to participate in the athletic event. BBQ Tickets will be offered to the general public. BBQ Tickets are included in ride costs and cross-promoted with local merchants and bike shops. 
Competition BBQ Events:
KCBS produces over 500 Competition BBQ events each year with prize money ranging from $15,000 to $100,000 per event. At many of these events we will have teams from the Armed Services, Police, and Fire competing against each other.  In addition, these teams will also be entered into the non-military completion.


Project Athena: 

Project Athena is a unique 5-10 day wellness camp for women veterans and first responders. The goal of the camp is to empower women warriors, promote healthy choices and physical activity, as well as self-care. The camp experience fosters bonds between camp participants. The emphasis of the camp is centered around wellness, personal growth, and empowerment. Some highlights are peer workshops, team-building, yoga, meditation, and nutrition.